A safari with a twist in the Mara

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The Wood family & “The House in the Wild” in the Mara have a deep, long standing and meaningful connection with the Maasai community, the wildlife and the land, encouraging renewable practices that serve as a model for living in harmony with nature. Through their personal relationships, cultural programs & conservation efforts, they help to preserve the pastoral traditions, stories, medicine & ways of life of the Maasai and the surrounding natural environment.

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The creation of the Enonkishu Conservancy, “House in the Wild” raises money through revenue. This supports sustainable rangeland management that allows space & resources for the people, cattle & wildlife. Enonkishu fascinating project designed to improve productivity of the livestock in the region, thereby improving livelihoods and maintaining heritage. Enonkishu is the selected conservation partner with WWF and UNESCO-IHE as the pilot project in their regenerative rangelands project.

Find out more information about this great project (and new projects) at www.enonkishu.org and www.houseinthewild.co.ke

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