Slow Travel & Maasai Trails…

With the modern world/life getting faster and faster we barely have time to catch our breath! Going on safari should be a chance to completely relax, unwind! Taking a step back from the craziness of the everyday hustle and bustle!! One of our favourite experiences to recommend is the concept of SLOW TRAVEL!

Slow travel allows one to have a deeper connection to their surroundings, a more hands-on experience of the landscape, climate, way of life & culture. One can discover hidden pockets of their surroundings, new & exciting places all off the beaten track – no queues, no entrance fee, no crowds – just you and the African wilderness.

A slow itinerary, to connect to the place, the people and the culture.

 Maasai Trails through the Loita Hill is a perfect example of ‘slow travel’. Hosted and guided by local Loita Maasai, you get to experience the best of what Kenyan hospitality has to offer. No schedules or time-tables to deal with!

Along the trails EXPERIENCE & CONNECT with your surroundings. From waking up to the cool morning air, feel the heat of the mid-day sun as you make your way further into untouched forests, taking shelter under the cool of ancient trees, feeling the temperatures drop as the sun beings to set. EXPERIENCE THE LIFESTYLE of the land.



From wandering through the Loita Forest or across the Laikipia Plateau you’ll discover an ANCIENT LANDSCAPE barely touched human-hands. Hidden waterfalls, giant trees, elusive game and views over the GREAT RIFT VALLEY can all be discovered.

Your guides are eager to share their CUSTOMS & CULTURES with you. Learn how they read the landscape, listen to the stories of their fore-fathers. The Loita Maasai who lead you on the trails are reputed to be the most conservative of this tribe, dedicated to their TRADITIONS, CEREMONIES AND RITES OF PASSAGE.



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