20 years of camel safaris at Sabuk

Disappear off the grid, with your expert guides leading you and your camel train through the bush on a spectacular fly-camp safari. 

Start your journey with an overnight at Sabuk Lodge. Each day is organised in a manner most suited to your personal interests & requirements.

The Experience

The scenery is dramatic, the people exotic and the birdlife, flora & fauna extraordinary. Walking off into the vast wilderness following the camel train & the chanting camel handlers is like stepping back 100 years. You just cannot get closer to nature, peace and further away from the day to day humdrum of life.

There is the chance of seeing elephant, buffalo, eland, oryx, impala, Grevy Zebra, Grants gazelle, dikdik, clippspringer, warthog, Greater kudu & occasionally wild dog.

The Fly Camp

The fly camp is simple and comfortable, tents with mosquito net ceilings to allow for star gazing from bed! There are bedrolls, short drop loos, kerosene lanterns for lighting & bucket showers. All the linen, bedding, towels are all provided on the safari.

Out of the cooks trunks in the heat & dust appear fresh & delicious salads for lunch, freshly baked breads & quiche with plenty of chilled drinks. During the heat of the day, it is recommended to rest on a bedroll under a fig tree drifting off into a slumber with the back round noise of dreamy birdsong & camel bells as they look for grazing nearby. 

After your nap and when it is a bit cooler, try your hand at line fishing for barbel & catfish. At some of the camp sites it is safe to swim in the river. As the sun begins its descent & cools, take a walk out from camp and enjoy some rock climbing, sundowners and great sunsets.

Day One – Leaving Sabuk and setting off into the bush…

There is a feeling of excitement & anticipation as rosy pink streaks appear in the early grey morning light, the pack camels are being loaded up by the singing Samburu & Turkana camel handlers. It is cool & brisk but warmth is provided from the fireside and a flurry of colourful blankets. Sounds of the camels chudder & gurgle emerge as they begin to complain loudly as their loads are secured.

After an early breakfast at the lodge, set off on this amazing adventure. The Northern Frontier & Laikipia is unspoilt and most of it remains untouched by human hand.

The walking in this area is not all flat, the walks follow the Ewaso Nyiro River. One can ride the camels when a break is needed. Generally the walk on this first morning is about 4 hours. As the sun gets higher, the shadows grow smaller & cicadas begin whirring its time to stop for a break! Under a shady tree lunch & cold drinks are set out, the air is heavy and a slice of chilled water-melon hits the spot!

In the first campsite, it is best to remain in camp for the early evening, the local tribesmen of the area come down to the river to water their livestock, this is a rare and wonderful opportunity to observe the daily lives of these majestic people. It is a musical & colourful event and sometimes it is possible to take photographs.

Day Two & Three – The adventure continues… 

At first light you will be served mugs of hot steaming tea round the fire, whilst the shaving & washing water is poured into the karais at the tents.

A quick early breakfast setting of in the cool together with the guide & walking camels taking a picnic lunch and lots of cold drinks. Your walking will take you into remote areas that cannot be accessed by vehicle & will immerse you in the rhythm & heartbeat of the African bush. This day the pack camels will stay behind to pack up camp and head more directly to the next nights camp site. After the picnic lunch, slumber in the shade with a book against one of the camel saddles. The next evening will follow vaguely the same pattern, as will the next morning and trek onto the last campsite on the edge of the river.

Day Four – Leisurely make your way back to Sabuk

This last day there is not such a rush. Enjoy camp and its surroundings, after a leisurely breakfast pack up your personal belongings and walk back to camp with your guide & the walking camels. The crew will remain at camp to pack up and load the camp for its return to the lodge.