50 Shades of Green

The advent of the rains always brings beautiful changes to the wilds of Kenya. Luscious green hues transforming the landscape to a hive of activity as the rivers fill and wild flowers bloom!  

Why not take this time to explore this spectacular time of the year!

All over the country, the rains have been welcomed, bringing with them a new lease of life, bringing with them a dramatic metamorphosis of the landscape. From the bronze, beige hues of a dry arid landscape to luscious greens with the speckles of budding wild flowers across the horizon.    

The clouds have been building and rolling in. The trickling rivers become raging torrents, waterholes and dams will fill for the elephants. Green shoots and flowering barleria will appear overnight, and the air freshened and the dust settled. 

With everything bursting into life, flowers blossoming, babies booming and everything turning green.